Building a Dynamic Web Presence for Colibri Group

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Client Overview:

Colibri Group is an established conglomerate with diversified interests in various business sectors. Moving forward with times, the group decided to enhance its digital footprint by building a web presence for one of their flagship projects.



The primary challenge was to create a strong, yet manageable backend system that would empower the marketing team of Colibri Group to handle content effectively.
Furthermore, the client was seeking a robust Content Management System (CMS) that was user-friendly and could facilitate seamless API integrations.



Choosing the Right CMS:

After thorough analysis and considering the client’s need for a reliable and scalable platform, we zeroed in on WordPress. Recognized for its flexibility and ease of use, WordPress stood out as the premier choice for delivering a backend that the marketing team could manage without excessive technical support.


Customization for Enhanced Control:

To ensure that the website catered to Colibri Group’s unique requirements, we utilized the following technologies:

  • WordPress:

    The core of our solution, lending its extensive plugin ecosystem and user-friendly interface for content management.

  • Visual Composer Custom Blocks:

    We built custom blocks, providing the marketing team with drag-and-drop capabilities to design and manage the website’s layout and content with ease.

  • Yoast:

    By integrating Yoast, we were able to harness its powerful SEO tools, helping the team at Colibri Group maintain search engine visibility and ranking.

  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF):

    ACF was implemented to deliver finer control over the edit screens and custom field data, thus enabling the marketing team to tailor the content to their specific needs.

  • API Integrations:

    We seamlessly integrated multiple APIs to ensure the backend could communicate effectively with other systems and extend the website’s functionality.


The website we developed for Colibri Group became the cornerstone of their online representation. The intuitive backend facilitated by WordPress and the customized tools provided unprecedented control to the marketing team, making content management more effective and less time-consuming. API integrations further enhanced the website’s capabilities, ensuring smooth interactions with other existing digital infrastructures.



The collaboration between Colibri Group and our team showcases our commitment to delivering scalable, user-centric web solutions that empower clients to take charge of their digital narrative. The success of this project stands as a testament to our expertise and our ability to customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.


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Technology Used

wordpress development agency

Client Scope

Colibri Group of companies needed a web presence for one of their upcoming projects and provided us the details to build a powerful backend crypto news, which the marketing team could easily manage.

They wanted us to choose a CMS, and we chose WordPress as it’s the best!

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