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Establishing an online presence takes much more than a charming interface; it calls for a blend of art and science — creative design coupled with strategic development and SEO. Mercury Plus presented OneSolTech with such an opportunity, seeking not just a visual elevation of their website but also an assurance of performance in the highly competitive digital space.




Mercury Plus, a company known for its Healthcare Services, sought to revamp its website to mirror the organization’s growth and evolving market position. Their goal was to achieve an online platform that served as a vibrant first touchpoint for clients and a hub for business growth.




Our principal objective was to carry Mercury Plus’s vision into a digital reality — seamlessly translating their sophisticated designs into an engaging, functional WordPress website, all while ensuring that the site’s SEO was primed for peak performance before and after launch.




The primary challenges we anticipated included:

  • Faithful Implementation of Designs:

    Ensuring that the high-fidelity Website designs provided by Mercury Plus’s Design Team were translated into a flawless, pixel-perfect WordPress theme.

  • SEO Strategy:

    Implementing a robust SEO strategy that would counteract potential dips in search rankings commonly associated with website overhauls.

  • Custom Functionality:

    Developing bespoke features and content layouts as dictated by the company’s dynamic content requirements.

Strategic Approach:

Our tailored approach entailed the following comprehensive strategy and execution:


1. Collaborative Planning & Consultation:

Collaborative workshops with the Mercury Plus team allowed us to thoroughly understand the nuances of the designs and the company’s brand philosophy.


2. Website Development and Customization:


  • WordPress:

    We utilized the latest in WordPress technology to ensure the site remained user-friendly for administrators and visitors alike, facilitating content updates and site management.

  • Visual Composer Custom Blocks:

    This tool enabled us to translate every meticulous design aspect into a living, breathing web entity tailored to the brand’s essence.

  • Yoast SEO Plugin:

    Strategic implementation of Yoast laid a strong foundation for both on-page and technical SEO, preparing the new website for the stringent demands of search engine algorithms.

3. Custom Development Solutions:

Specialized website development using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Custom Post Types provided the required flexibility for content layouts and functionalities, ensuring each service, testimonial, and case study was uniquely presented and easily managed.


4. Pre and Post SEO Mitigation:

Utilizing Yoast, combined with our in-house SEO expertise, we conducted comprehensive keyword research. We optimized site structure, content, meta-tags, and image alt-texts to not only maintain but improve Mercury Plus’s search ranking post-launch.



A meticulous phase-by-phase rollout was adopted:

  • In the Website design phase, every design element provided was replicated with precision to ensure the visual identity of Mercury Plus was consistent.
  • During the Website development phase, we engineered a responsive and interactive interface, ensuring an optimal user experience across all devices.
  • In the SEO pre-launch phase, we meticulously optimized every page, setting the stage for search engine success.
  • The launch phase saw a seamless transition with zero downtime, thanks to our meticulous deployment plan.
  • In the post-launch phase, vigilant SEO monitoring and content adjustments continued to refine and enhance the site’s visibility.



  • A significant increase in user engagement metrics, with time-on-site improving.
  • A reduction in bounce rate, reflecting a more compelling user journey and relevant content.
  • Organic search rankings improved, establishing the company’s domain authority and online visibility.



In conclusion, the re-engineered web presence for Mercury Plus stands as a testament to OneSolTech’s commitment to not only meet client expectations but to significantly exceed them. Integrating sophisticated design with technical precision and proactive SEO, we’ve delivered a platform that positions Mercury Plus for continuous momentum in their digital journey.

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Technology Used

wordpress development agency

Client Scope

Mercury Plus sought to uplift their web presence, and we inherited the designs from their Design Team, which we then seamlessly implemented into WordPress Development.

OneSolTech also took care of the pre and post SEO challenges.

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