Transforming STI Supply’s Vision into a Dynamic WordPress Website with E-commerce Capabilities

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The digital world is evolving rapidly. A robust online presence has become important for businesses to strive for. STI Supply is a leading provider of specialized products. It approached our company with a vision to revitalize its online storefront. They wanted to create a website with a customized theme and Woocommerce shop. The approach was to make a fully functional website that was easy to use.

Project Overview


Our company has plenty of experience in web development and website design so we took the challenge of our client excitedly. STI Supply’s project was not just about building a website but they also wanted to be connected with their target audience. The outline for the project is as follows:

  • Conversion of provided designs into a WordPress theme
  • Custom theme development to ensure a unique online presence
  • Integration of a WooCommerce shop to facilitate e-commerce
  • Customization of WooCommerce checkout and cart pages for a seamless user experience

Solutions Implemented


    • WordPress and Custom Theme Development

      Firstly, we transformed the designs into a WordPress theme. Designs were provided by the client. In this process, we analyzed the designs carefully to ensure that digital representation is accurate. Our team curated a customized website according to the STI specifications. The customization is to provide an individual identity to the company.

    • WooCommerce Store Integration:

      E-commerce serves as an integral part of STI Supply. Thus, WooCommerce was integrated into the website as a plugin to make the website worthwhile business. This plugin is to help the company work efficiently online. They can display their products on an online store and manage it well.

    • Custom Design for WooCommerce Pages:

      We also customized the Woocommerce cart and online pages to give a unique experience to the customers. The brand customization on these pages gives the customers an appealing experience and feel connected with the brand. It is also important to make sure that the shopping experience is seamless. The checkout and payment method should be easy to use without complications.

    Technology Used:


    WordPress: The leading content management system was chosen for its flexibility and ease of use.
    Custom Theme Development: Enabled us to provide STI Supply with a unique and tailored online presence.
    Yoast: This SEO tool was integrated to optimize the website’s visibility and search engine ranking.
    WooCommerce Store: Provided a robust e-commerce platform for STI Supply to sell their products online.
    Custom Design for WooCommerce Checkout and Cart Pages: Ensured a seamless and branded shopping experience for customers.

    Results Achieved


    The new website attracted significant attraction of customers and they marked their digital presence into the digital world. Woocommerce shop helped the website to reach a larger audience and increased the market of STI Supply. Customization also serves great importance to engage the audience. A seamless website experience satisfies the customers thus helping the business to grow and increase sales.



    This project is an example of how we commit to our clients to give the best results. We help them achieve the desired results and give them an exclusive web designing experience. Being digitally known has now become important for businesses and we help to achieve their digital goals. As a team, we are happy about this successful collaboration and aim to work well in the future as well. We put our efforts into making a website that is customized according to their preferences and help them gain business through it.

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    Technology Used

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    Client Scope

    STI Supply provided us designs to translate them in WordPress using custom theme, along with a WooCommerce Shop.

    The website designs were successfully converted into WordPress theme, allowing them to utilize the pre-built features on different pages.


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